Don VanSickel, Lay Elder

Don and his family have been attending CBC for almost ten years, and he has been actively involved in various ministries: Lifegroups, Adult Christian Life Class Teacher, Outreach and Evangelism, and a past Council Member.  He has been happily married to his wife Lori for 23 years, as he likes to say, "in a row", and are the proud parents of four children: Sean, Courtney, Logan and Kayla. Having worked as a welder most of his career, for the last nine years he has been employed as a Maintenance Supervisor at Kern Oil and Refining. His real passions are threefold: being used by God, his family as they continue to privately educate at home, and as an Elder to support and fulfill CBC's vision statement, "To produce, equip, and empower true disciples of Jesus Christ..." so that God may be most glorified in us.