Terry Treiberg, Lay Elder
Terry was born in Ventura, California, but moved to a cattle ranch in South Dakota at a young age. (A little trivia ... the ranch where Terry lived was used for the filming of Dances with Wolves.)  In Junior High, after reading the book The Cross and the Switchblade by David Wilkerson, Terry accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior in 1979.   While in high school, Terry worked as a disc jockey; while attending college, he lived in a church and met the girl whom he would later marry.  1987 was a landmark year for Terry, not only did he graduate from the South Dakota School of Mines with a BS in electrical engineering, but he also married Denise Scott, moved to Bakersfield to work for Shell Oil, and started attending Calvary Bible Church. 

Terry currently holds the office of Treasurer on the Elder Leadership Team.  For the past twelve years , he has made his living at Theta Oilfield Services,a software development company, where he currently serves as the General Manager.  Prior to this, he worked as a project manager for Shell Oil Company for 13 years.  He also is the owner/manager of many local residential properties. Terry currently serves on the board of Deny Daily and the Palisades Park Homeowner's Association, and he is a committed volunteer teacher in the CBC Student Ministries department. Terry and Denise have three amazing kids: Nick, Alex, and Kat.