Leadership Update – May 18, 2017
CBC Family: Thanks for your continued support and prayers as we make progress in the search for a Lead Pastor and Student Ministries Pastor. Regarding the Lead Pastor, to date we have screened over 150 resumes. Our post has expired so at this time we are not expecting to receive any more. There are three applicants that are nearing the final stage and many more that are at various stages, including the four moving forward from the last group of twenty-one resumes received in the last few weeks. The goal is to process each one as carefully and quickly as we can so we can determine which ones will be coming to CBC to officially candidate for the position. We hope to be there soon!
 As for the Student Ministries position, a strong committee has been assembled and directed by Jim Lewis (who was the first Youth Pastor CBC hired and has had a lengthy career ministering to youth). The committee is a compilation of members from the CBC Youth Leadership and some students as well. The students will not have a vote, but their input will be most valuable. They too are now receiving resumes and beginning the screening process. Please continue to pray for wisdom and discernment for both of the committees!              -- Elder Leadership Team  

Leadership Update – April 6, 2017
CBC Family: Since my letter from last week, the Elders have set their focus on a very comprehensive questionnaire and attached videos from about a half dozen candidates that have advanced to this point in the search for a new Lead Pastor. The questionnaire covers about everything you can imagine including doctrine and theology, their views regarding the church, ministry and leadership, cultural issues, preaching, as well as questions directed to them personally and their family. In addition to the questionnaires, we are viewing videos of them preaching and teaching. While the details in the questionnaire are extremely important, viewing them preaching a Bible message is of supreme significance. Although we expect them to be honest when completing the questionnaire, there is always the possibility of a little cut-and-paste going on. Not so when it comes to preaching! We get a clear picture of how well they handle the Word of God and their ability to communicate it effectively. Keep us in your prayers as the Elders proceed through this critical stage of the process!   His for Life, Pastor Don  

Leadership Update – March 26, 2017
Thank you church for your prayers regarding our search for a Lead and Youth Pastor! The ELT has completed the initial review of the more than 140 resumes received since we posted the Lead Pastor position. Only a handful of these move on to the “Questionnaire” stage. Actually, a good number of questionnaires have already been returned and are being evaluated. Once all of the questionnaires are evaluated, we will begin interviewing the top selections. So here is how you can pray for us: That we will have the wisdom and discernment needed to narrow the list down to two or three final candidates. Please feel free to discuss any of this with any member of the Elder Leadership Team or Pastoral Staff.  It’s an exciting time in our church and we are constantly in prayer for God to lead us to the perfect choice.  

Leadership Update - March 19, 2017
Thank you church for your prayers regarding our search for a Lead Pastor! This week the ELT just received an additional 39 resumes to review. From the original 76 received, about 14 of them have advanced to the questionnaire stage. Once the questionnaires are returned and evaluated, the ones who continue on will begin the interview stage. Each step requires much wisdom and discernment, so please keep up your prayers for the ELT. 

Leadership Update – March 12, 2017
Please remain in prayer for the ELT as they continue to narrow the search for the next Lead Pastor.

Leadership Update – March 5, 2017
After reviewing more than 75 resumes submitted for the lead pastor position, the ELT has greatly narrowed the potential candidates. In the meantime 25 additional resumes have been received and CBC’s leadership is diligently assessing each one submitted. Your continued support and prayer for wisdom is appreciated more than you know.

Leadership Update – February 26, 2017
Currently the ELT is examining over 75 resumes they have received. Please pray for wisdom as they narrow down the list to those who will be followed-up more thoroughly. The leadership of CBC is confident and encouraged about the ministry and direction CBC is going and deeply thankful for your continued support and faithfulness to ministry.

Leadership Update – February 15, 2017
Thank you to all who took the time to provide your feedback through the survey we promoted, as well as other conversations.  You’ve heard the old adage, “You can please some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”  I don’t know if the origin of that came from the church, but we all know it would fit!  And, as you can surely appreciate, “pleasing all of the people all of the time” isn’t really the ultimate goal of discerning leadership.  However, it is also true that as we strive to see that our flock is being shepherded best, we are grateful for opportunities to learn what’s on the hearts and minds of our people.
Regarding our Lead Pastor vacancy, we have lined out a very thorough process for our search, and at present we are simply in the stage of receiving resumes and contacts, with the steps of vetting coming next.  The pace began as a slower one, but we anticipate it picking up steam from here.  We trust the Lord, and need His help in this process.  Keep the prayers going!
Elders of Calvary Bible Church

Leadership Update – February 5, 2017
Though there is not any major news to report, we are in fact hard at work regarding the future Lead (Senior) Pastor role. Look for updates here, as well as how you can pray for this process.